Security Tips for When the Clocks Go Forward

Brexit may be in our midst but at least the clocks go forward to officially signify the start of the British Summertime. For those of you that are unsure the clocks will go forward on Sunday 31st March 2019, Mother’s Day!

The sun will hopefully show its face in the coming months allowing Brits to enjoy the outdoors whilst topping up their tans. However, it’s important to keep on top of your home security during this seasonal crossover.

Daylight Saving Time

The Summer Time Act is over a hundred years old and was actually introduced following a campaign by a builder named William Willett. His idea was that if you put the clocks forward in Spring then put them back again in Winter people would save energy and spend more time outdoors in the daylight, hence the name ‘daylight saving time’.

The Co-op Insurance Group has recently released some worrrying insurance data. According to their stats they saw a 37% raise in claims involving opportunistic thefts last year when the clocks went forward. Opportunistic thefts/crimes occur when a homeowner leaves windows and doors unlocked. According to their stats, Friday is the most common day for break-ins.


As the weather starts getting warmer and the clocks go forward it becomes the perfect season for opportunistic burglars. Windows remain open throughout the day to allow fresh air to circulate a humid property and people become more relaxed with their overall security measures.


  • A cable window restrictor allows you to open your window to a certain degree without losing any of the security.
  • Leave bikes and expensive tools in a locked shed, do not leave them on display in your front or back garden. Invest in a high security padlock.
  • Do not let yourself get distracted. If a stranger approaches you or knocks at your door then be vigilant, always be aware of your surroundings. Install a door knocker with viewer so you can see who’s at your door.
  • CCTV is always a good deterrent. If you do get burgled you will have evidence to catch the perpetrator and possibly recover your items.
  • If you do go on holiday then DO NOT post your whereabouts on social media. Modern burglars search Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc to see who may have left their home unoccupied.

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