Top 5 Home Security Tips From A Former Burglar

ITV’s This Morning isn’t just a throwaway magazine show that gives you gossip on the latest celebrity couples, it actually does a good job of giving worthwhile advice. A recent episode showcased a former burglar exposing some of the tricks of the burgling trade. It’s important to get insider tips when it comes to home security as you never know what new methods burglars are using. We’ve said this time and time again, always stay one, preferably two, steps ahead of the burglar.

Tips From a Reformed Burglar

A former burglar turned security expert has revealed some of his secrets. He has turned his back on a life of crime and is now putting his years of criminality to good use. His main piece of advice for homeowners is to simply ‘think like a burglar’. If you were to try and burgle your property or one of your neighbours what things would put you off from achieving this? Would you choose the first house you see or would you scope out your environment and check to see who’s home?

Are You Following These Tips?

  1. Door locks are an essential part of every homeowner’s home security system, digital or otherwise. The advice given on This Morning is to always engage your lock’s otherwise they are pointless. A burglar can determine whether your cylinder locks or bolted deadlocks are not sufficiently engaged properly simply by forcing the bottom of the door with his foot. Preferably install both euro cylinder locks and deadbolt locks on your front door.
  2. Letterbox fishing was also mentioned in the segment as letterboxes are the gateway to your hallway or stairs where you might keep your car keys and wallets / handbags. He recommended a letterbox cage but they can often be awkward and bulky. Instead, install letterbox restrictors or locks on your letterbox so as to prevent an opportunistic thief who might be fishing for your valuables. This fire proof retardant letterbox bag will also protect you against vandals and other forms of anti-social behaviour.
  3. Burglars would rather burgle a property that is empty. Fool would be burglars into thinking you or someone is home by setting up a few 24 hour segment light timers. If you are on holiday or simply spending the night somewhere else you can set your lights to come at certain intervals to give the illusion that someone is always home.
  4. A good tip every homeowner should abide by involves keeping important information private. For instance, the reformed burglar advises people to not put calendars up around the house where a burglar might be able to see, like on your fridge. A burglar can peer through your window and see if you have any holidays coming up on your calendar and when your home will be empty. This rule also applies to social media – keep your holiday plans to yourself. Only post your holiday pics when you are safely back home.
  5. New smart technology has put the advantage firmly into the homeowners hands these days. Doorbell cams and indoor bullet CCTV sensor cams are highly effective in preventing home break ins. A burglar will see you have invested in a doorbell cam or outdoor cam and come to the conclusion that you are pro active with your home security and move on. These cams whether indoor or outdoor will alert you instantly if an intruder is on your property.


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