Upgrade Your Home Security For 2019

As one year ends another begins, 2019 is almost upon us. Home security is undergoing a technological revolution worldwide with smart home technology becoming more and more commonplace. Integrated wireless home security systems give you hi-tech modern security options such as sensors for windows and doors and burglar alarms at the touch of your fingertip.

Smart Home Security

What is smart home security?

In a nutshell smart home security is a series of security devices that utilise the internet to operate. Smart home security systems can be put under the umbrella term of the ‘internet of things’. Currently 25% of consumers in the UK own at least one smart home device.

All smart home devices communicate with each other wirelessly. Using apps on your smartphone or digital tablet you can monitor your home from afar and control certain things like door locks and room temperature.

These dual network alarm type systems usually include things such as locks, PIR monitors, sensors etc and are genuinely very easy to install. As long as you have a working internet connection you are good to go. Check your internet connection throughout your house though and if you have any weak spots make sure your smart home security system has the necessary range to cover it.

Like any home security measure smart devices are not always fool proof. They can be bypassed or hacked by determined burglars and criminals. However,  at the moment they continue to be on the rise and are increasingly becoming the industry standard when it comes to home security.

We have some remote controlled smart home alarm systems from ERA 

Traditional Security

Of course one size does not fit all when it comes to home security; different circumstances require different security needs.

Although smart security and the ‘internet of things’ are making progress year upon year it is important not to neglect more traditional home security hardware. Home automation is all well and good but tried and tested anti burglar devices still need to be used in conjunction with the more modern hi-tech devices.

Crime prevention for the home is best achieved when you have installed one or all of the following:

This is not an exhaustive list, home security is an on going task. Look out for new smart security devices in 2019 but also re-invest in your current home security. Make sure your garages and sheds are secure and if your exterior uPVC door handles or uPVC window handles are becoming loose and faulty then replace them immediately with something that is both appealing and highly secure.

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