uPVC Door Lock Operations – Single or Split Spindle?

uPVC Door Locks – Single Spindle Operation

This is a question that we get asked quite often so here’s the answer!

The easiest way to detect a single spindle operation is:

  • Close the door and stand on the outside of the property
  • Do not lock the door with a key
  • Attempt to open the door from the outside whilst it is unlocked

If you are able to open the door without the key then this will be a single spindle operation, also known as lever lever. Single spindle locks will usually have a solid spindle bar inside the handles and both the handles will be level at the same height.

uPVC Door Locks – Split Spindle Operation

Follow the bullet points above. If you are unable to access the property then it is likely that this uPVC door lock has a split spindle operation. Access can only be gained from the outside by key even if the door is unlocked. This feature is sometimes referred to as a dual spindle operation and also a night latch function. Split spindle relates the actual spindle inside the handles having a split in the middle. Dual spindle refers to there being two separate spindles, usually used in lever pad door handles which are offset (different heights).

Changing From Single to Split Spindle Operation

Customers often want to change their uPVC door lock operation to a split spindle operation for added home security. Doing this solely depends on the current uPVC door lock you have. If you have a uPVC door lock that is capable of this operation then it may just be as simple as replacing the solid bar for a split bar inside your handles or replacing your door handles with lever pad instead of lever lever. With some uPVC door locks this will not be possible and you may need to purchase a new centre case or full door lock to achieve this.



  • Popat

    I need to know how I replace my split spindle in the inside door not identify what it means- I already know that

  • gary

    how do I switch the hand on the gu lock mech I know you have to take latch out but is there way to release the latch I’ve tried the back allunkey. I gave it a twist but still not working I changed the loch mech to a new one and it had to be changed to a split spindle I got spindle bars and springs but does the lock have to have 2 different holes for the spindle are they off set one

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